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2 years after the crowdfunding of Apocalypse: Sign of the Cross, Argyx Games is proud to present their new escape box: "LEGACY: Quest for a Family Treasure".

Inspired by live escape games, "LEGACY: Quest for a Family Treasure" is a narrative puzzle: a unique and immersive co-op investigation game you can play at home. Use observation and deduction to solve puzzles, decipher codes and experience alternate reality gaming.

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Marseille, Fall 2019. You receive the letter of a notary that comes with a mysterious black box. In his last will, your estranged father reveals the existence of a family treasure, hidden somewhere in Europe. To find it, he leaves you objects and documents that belonged to him as well as to your ancestor. You have to shed light on the past in order to be able to claim your inheritance...

 Prototype of LEGACY

LEGACY includes 40 realistic objects & documents : 8-page newspaper, letters, postcards, photographs, a A3-treasure map, the map of the Paris World Fair, glass bottle, chess pieces, miniatures items (watch, shovel...), book page, business card, pen, sliding puzzle, cardboard 3D glasses... and even a 3D Eiffel Tower!  

 A smartphone or a computer with an Internet connection is required to play.

In LEGACY, you will:

  • Browse through letters, newspapers and various documents
  • Search for clues
  • Manipulate items
  • Decipher codes
  • Solve audio & video puzzles
  • Enjoy immersive background music & sounds
  • Interact with the real world
  • Use maps to find your way
  • Search the web

LEGACY contains 2 episodes: "Eiffel 1889" and "Hellas 2019", that can be played independently. The Kickstarter version of LEGACY will also include an exclusive puzzle, "The House".

The Kickstarter edition (pledge levels FORTUNE SEEKER and COLLECTOR) will include an additional exclusive video game puzzle, THE HOUSE. Depending on the stretch goals that will be reached, we will combine this game with one or several new physical documents and/or objects, added to the LEGACY box, for an even more immersive transmedia experience! 🎮

Screen capture of THE HOUSE (work in progress)

Pre-order now!

The narrative puzzles Pocket Investigations are similar to LEGACY, but shorter in playing time. Each scenario includes 5-10 objects & documents found inside a mysterious black envelope.

The FORTUNE SEEKER pledge level includes ALCHYMIA, our yet unreleased 'Deluxe' scenario (contains more objects & documents than a regular Pocket): immerse yourself in the alchemist's laboratory, try to transmute elements into gold and make the Philosopher's Stone!   

The COLLECTOR pledge includes, along with Alchymia, 2 additional episodes to be chosen among the following: PRELUDE, BABYLON, MERRY CHRISTMAS, CASINO KRYSOS, CLUNY, APOLLO 22, THE LOVE LOCK AGENCY. 

Click here to get more information on Pocket Investigations.

 Besides its range of board games, Argyx Games has developed online puzzles for more advanced puzzle-solvers, to be played on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/T3mRkSN. Join now to access 50+ hours of investigation games based on alternate reality gaming: in Kidnapping, find a missing tourist girl in Paris. In Apocalypse Online, track down Abaddon, a serial killer obsessed with the Book of Revelation. The COLLECTOR pledge includes 1 year of Premium subscription to our puzzles.

Click here to get more information on online puzzles.

 And also:

  • - "I’m extremely impressed with what Argyx Games has brought to the table with Legacy (...) it is a super accessible, family-friendly gateway into the world of interactive puzzles, escape rooms, and ARG experiences. I think a lot of people would really enjoy this immersive game and find the investigation contained within it to be very engaging. If you like puzzles, investigation, escape rooms, and the like, I highly encourage you to check out Legacy" (Meeple Mountain)
  • - "Legacy looks like a game that puzzle/mystery enthusiasts will really enjoy." (One Board Family)
  • -"The materials were quite colorful and some appeared to have a sense of mystery. It was quite easy to "lure" us into the game."  (Escape The Roomers)
  • -"There was cleverness and great thought put into this Escape Box from Argyx Games, and it left me looking forward to what else they are bringing to the table in the future." (We Are Not Wizards
  • -"A nice escape for an evening of family fun." (Geek Girl)

 > More reviews (in French)

Created in 2018 by Mathias Daval and Johanna Pernot, Argyx Games is a French game studio and publishing company, based in Paris. They specialize in designing alternate reality investigation board games. Their first game, "Apocalypse", was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in July 2018. Argyx then launched a series of 8 other narrative puzzles, "Pocket Investigations", crafted by hand and released in limited series.


The estimated timeline is the following:

  • - August 2: end of the Kickstarter campaign
  • - End of August/September 2020: late pledge (finalization of the pre-order: choice of Pocket Investigations scenarios and payment of shipping costs)
  • - October 2020: Shipping of Alchymia
  •  - February 2021: Shipping of the LEGACY box & other awards. 
  • - February 26, 2021: Official launch of LEGACY at the Cannes Games Festival


Shipping will be charged after the campaign in the pledge manager. Prices are estimates.
                          - FRANCE: 8 € / $9 (free pickup in Paris 5e)
                          - EUROPEAN UNION: 10 € / $11
                          - USA & REST OF THE WORLD: 14 € / $16
                          - FRANCE: 9 € / $10 (free pickup in Paris 5e)
                          - EUROPEAN UNION: 11 € / $12
                          - USA & REST OF THE WORLD: 15 € / $17


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