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Marseille, Fall 2019. You receive the letter of a notary that comes with a mysterious black box. In his last will, your estranged father reveals the existence of a family treasure, hidden somewhere in Europe. To find it, he leaves you objects and documents that belonged to him as well as to your ancestor. You have to shed light on the past in order to be able to claim your inheritance...

Box size: 327x247x60mm | Weight: 700g | Released: 10/09/2021

A cooperative investigation game inspired by escape games, with real objects to offer an even more immersive experience.

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An immersive investigation

LEGACY includes 40 realistic objects and documents (letters, cards, keys, pen, 3D glasses... and even a miniature Eiffel Tower!) to solve a series of puzzles.

Search and manipulate

Like in escape rooms, you will have to examine, manipulate and combine items: apply your observation and logic skills.

A scenario divided into 2 independent episodes

With Eiffel 1889, your investigation starts in Paris at the end of the 19th century, during the construction of the Eiffel Tower. In Hellas the adventure continues on a Greek island today, searching for the family treasure.

Between virtual and real worlds

You will have to consult and interact with online content: real information websites or fake pages created by us (videos, sounds, social networks...).

Gather a team

Cooperate to solve the case! It is possible to take your chance alone, but it is recommended to gather 2 to 4 players, over 14 year-old.

No game rules

Open the mysterious black box, read a few instructions, and start playing! LEGACY requires no preparation.

How to play?

1) Read the notary's letter

Inside the box, you will find a letter from your father's notary, Maître Santini, who gives you his testamentary dispositions, as well as the recommendations to solve the puzzles. Read it carefully!

2) Log into the website

A laptop, a tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection are required to play.

Open the game launch page. You will find there instructions as well as a link to hints, to use if you're stuck during the game.

You can then start playing. "Eiffel 1889" lasts around 90 to 120 minutes, and "Hellas" around 75 to 90 minutes. It's up to you to decide if you prefer to play them in one game session or not! The Kickstarter version of the game also includes an exclusive puzzle, The House.

Legacy Escape Box

3) Examine the items & documents

Read the documents, examine the items, inspect everything carefully.
Read the documents, examine and manipulate the items, inspect everything carefully. Make connections between the various elements to decipher secret codes and try to find the hidden treasure...

You will have to enter the solutions on the game website.

If you're a team of several players, share the tasks and don't forget to communicate between you!



(Pictures of the prototype. Some elements might change.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some paper and a pen to take notes. An Internet connection (smartphone, tablet...). A computer is required to play the exclusive KS additional puzzle.
No preparation required: open the box and play!
There is no theoretical limit, but we advise you to gather a team of 2 to 4 players. Of course you can try your chance in a solo game!
There is 1 narrative, divided in 2 episodes: "Eiffel 1889" and "Hellas". Both games can be played independently, meaning that you won't need to use elements found in one of them to play the other: if you divide LEGACY into 2 game sessions, you won't have to play with the same players. However, the 2 episodes should be played in order: "Eiffel" then "Hellas". The Kickstarter version of LEGACY also includes an exclusive video game puzzle.
The game duration is not limited by a timer. "Eiffel 1889" lasts around 90 to 120 minutes, and "Hellas" around 75 to 90 minutes. An online hint system allows the players to progress smoothly without being stuck.
Although LEGACY does not contain any adult oriented material, the puzzles have been designed for players over 14 year-old.
Not by the same players (unless you suffer from severe amnesia!), but you can offer the game to someone else or resell it. No element of the game will need to be cut, torn or damaged in any way.
LEGACY: Quest for a Family Treasure has been created and designed by Mathias Daval and Johanna Pernot.